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GREAT WESTERN FAN FESTIVAL 2006, SHAW CENTER, FRESNO <br />Our first trip. That's Ellis, Charlotte, Jim Weatherford, Brenda and Gordon. GREAT WESTERN FAN FESTIVAL 2006, SHAW CENTER, FRESNO<br />
On stage for the Best of the West, our first time singing at Fan Fest. CALVARY WORSHIP CENTER, FRESNO<br />Our annual pilgrimage following GWFF to see our friends Pastor Roy Lee and his wife, Vi. GREAT WESTERN FAN FESTIVAL 2007, SHAW CENTER, FRESNO<br />
Evidence singing for the Best of the West at the 2007 GWFF. Gordon & Brenda miss one thing in particular about not<br /> singing at the Shaw Center in Fresno. Well maybe two things! I guess Charlotte misses those same things too! Brenda, wearing a lovely shade of green in Fresno in 2007<br />in spite of California's long-term drought. SINGING AT GWFF<br /> More of our moments on stage at 'Best of the West'. Charlotte really is up somewhere...really.
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